Thursday, January 18, 2007

Two down, one to go

I finished the flap hat last night, which I've decided is certainly bound for the arts auction in town. This will be my second auction submission (a knitted Calorimetry out of some VERY itchy SWS is also up on the auction chopping block) and once I finish a knitted lining for another hat I will submit a grand total of three in to the Grand Auction Master sometime next week.

I knitted a yellow liner for it out of some label-less pale yellow cotton-blend-ish stuff that I bought way back when to do the intarsia work on Munchkin's rooster sweater. Which makes me think that it was Debbie Bliss, as pretty much the whole sweater was made from DB. Which is why it cost me $70 in yarn to make a baby sweater. Heh, what a sucker I am!

So I knitted (ripping back a few times as the gauge was totally different so I just had to fudge the stitch count as I went along) the liner, blocked it overnight, and then sewed it in last night as Peggers & I watched The Committments. I cut & twisted & tied the tassels this morning.

Overall I like it, and think that hopefully/probably someone will bid on it. But my question is - what should I price it? I'm supposed to assign it a price on the submission sheet - which is where I'm running into a snag. Description, no problem. Care? Easy to write down! But a PRICE????

Honestly for this if a friend wanted to buy it off of me I'd look at the price of the Patons SWS skein ($4.50) & figure maybe another fifty cents for the black wool of the wave pattern & the leftover yellow for the lining and charge maybe $5, $6 at the most. But I know that if I did that for the auction that ultimately the charity that the money goes towards would lose out.

Any suggestions?????????????????


jessie said...

Definitely set a price higher than you think you should. Crafters are always undervaluing themselves. Think about what it would mean to someone to have an actual handknit item, with all the time you put into it, if they're not used to such goodies. You still won't be able to set a price that's worth your actual time, probably, but I've seen mittens sell for $30 (less than what they were worth, no doubt), and I bet you could get more for the hat.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'd consider starting with $30. Hand knit. Lovely colors. Lined. That's what I'd be willing to do and especially for a donation!

Emily said...

$25-$30 sounds like a reasonable starting place to me. Not only is it hand-made, great colors, lined, and potentially one-of-a-kind, but it's also for a good cause. Plus it's an auction, so you have to leave room for people to bid.