Friday, December 21, 2007

Dangerous Words

Here I was, sitting calmly and carefully at my desk, working away the last day of work before the holiday break like a very good little busy beaver - when I saw the most incredibly dangerous e-mail flash across my computer screen:

Webs Year End Blowout Sale!

What is it that the Harlot likes to say? That she had an accident, and slipped, and accidentally swiped her Visa card on the way down?

I have two words for you, my ducks. Well, actually four words.

Highland Tweed.

Three Pounds.

Order total: $27

When they say 'blowout' - they mean blowout.

( I feel a bit feverish.)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thank God For Leftovers

It's just been that kind of day. You know the kind that starts off really really well - and you're enthusiastic about where and how the day is going to go - and then with a BAM! - one thing after another starts to happen and domino right the fuck downhill?

Yeah - that kind of day.

So I was late leaving the vet's office (they had an emergency cat come in that needed help ASAP - the psychotic thing had attacked its own tail and had actually split the tail in half - urgh) and so was late back to work - and came back to the office absolutely starving because I had correspondingly missed lunch. But at least there were holiday party leftovers for me to eat in the upstairs fridge. I didn't even mind that the meatballs were burned - at least, I didn't mind much. It was better than the ryekrisp cracker that was otherwise going to be my total meal. Thank God For Leftovers.

I'm still buried under order cards - even bringing them home to work on a few nights this week - but yesterday after skipping the leftover-producing holiday party I threw myself on the Dean's mercies and got permission to take these puppies home with me over the Christmas/New Years break and finish filling them out later. Phew! So given that lovely bit of holiday grace - not to mention the lap-full of work-related histrionics that was dumped my way this morning - I've been slacking shamelessly ever since.

Our 2007 Christmas Tree. This has nothing - nothing - to do with this post, but I've got sneak it in here nonetheless somehow! This will be a trend for the rest of the photos in the post - so just get used to it now.

Eating white-chocolate peppermint candies given to me by a co-worker was how all the slacking started. (Ugh - too many white-chocolate peppermint candies can make you feel SICK!) But I've taken my slacking to much higher levels than just candy-eating -- surfing Ravelry to check out the various types of yarn that domesticat's Drunken Bees socks were knitted in (that lovely pattern is way up in my personal queue!) - and then after seeing novamade's amazingly beautiful version, ordering the pattern for a Wonderful Wallaby to knit for none other than the Munchkin. I have at least ten or so skeins of that ol' workhorse, Lion Brand Wool Ease, in a medium-dark olive green (scored at $0.85 each on clearance!) that will be perfectly soft & utterly practical for such a knit. And with a wee little 'guin snuck in on the pocket, I think it will also be a major hit for my little Munch.

I've also been eyeing a new-ish sweater to knit for my Big Guy - one that would not call for 10+ skeins if Rowan tweed yarn (at a cost well over $75 for the sweater!) like the amazing knit Jarrett does - but something a bit more practical and therefore possible. But I dunno. It's just currently a glimmer of an idea.

Paperwhite bulbs, my knitting basket, and a sippy cup. I was going to move the sippy cup before taking the photo, but then I figured with a shrug - why lie? Sippy cups are everywhere in my house, currently - so hey - tell it like it is, right?

I've also spent some time today slacking by browsing Ravelry photos and online photos of Snicket Socks, as I think these will be the next pair that I knit for myself (- after I finish my design socks that I'm working on with Gryphon's yarn, that is). I purchased THE most beautiful skein of 'Green Tea' Sundara sock yarn as a birthday treat to myself - and so far during our conversations Ms. G. Tea has implied that she wouldn't mind being transformed into snicket socks. As I happen to have a deep, deep hankering for snicket socks, I was thrilled to hear her say so.

My spinning basket. This basket currently contains: some superwash/tencel that needs to be spun; a bobbin of this tencel blend that I've spun up so far; my first skein of handspun (superwash) merino dyed by Jessie; a bobbin of some extra superwash merino; and a loose tiny skein of Real Vermont merino/alpaca/& something else that I can't remember singles.

Luckily for me, my unpleasant day is almost over, and my evening promises to go much much better. We are having a lovely Cooks Illustrated dinner tonight (skillet lasagna - the best EVER lasagna that I've probably ever had - and the fact that it takes only 30 or so minutes from start to finish to make and uses only one pan is even better) and the wonderful & fabulous Kim is coming over to hang with us. We will eat, we will knit, and I will have a single, luscious glass of merlot. And all will be well.

The longer I have this Christmas ornament, the cooler & more appropriate I think it is that I own it.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I'm almost literally buried in work at the moment - I've got thousands and thousands of books to order before vacation kicks on at COB on Friday, and nary a spare second between now and then to rest (or blog). Add to that a near constant headache from squinting at order cards all day, holiday stresses, and a very very cranky toddler and you get...............................desperation knitting and late-night spinning-wheel distributor online surfing on my part!


I'd post pictures of our luverly Christmas tree and my most recent yarn purchase (a birthday present to myself from Sundara!) plus my hubby's birthday gift to me, but alas our camera is currently engaged in more honorable pursuits - it's at the law office being used for Real Work Purposes and not documenting my knitting as usual.

Once the camera comes back, I'll take some quickie pictures and post what my world currently looks like.........and spill all about my exciting upcoming combination birthday/Christmas present - - a new spinning wheel! (Which I'm currently in the process of deliberating, debating, picking & choosing. But I'm leaning - this week, at least - towards a Majacraft Rose.)

Monday, December 10, 2007

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas.....

.........over here at Chez Sticks. Decorations are slowly but surely starting to go up.....................

Our lovely mantle. Stockings to show up soon. Not handknit, however, but handmade nonetheless.

The annual lighting of the stairs.

Some quiet time is being found here & there for stress-relieving spinning.

'Mars' colourway - superwash merino & tencel blend. Spun as thin as humanly possible - by this human, that is - as I'm going to try and navajo-ply this for socks. Purchased as retail therapy after a bad day at work from a very nice woman via Etsy.

And even better (for stress relief, that is) - finished handknit gifts are starting to pile up...

Fingerless gloves for T - the wonderful woman who serves me a robust mug of life-giving coffee every morning. (Do these look strangely avian to you too?)

'Driving' gloves for A (a One Skein pattern), who also works at the coffee shop and who is wonderfully cheerful to me every morning when I'm still trying to figure out how to properly open both eyelids at the same time, before I drink my morning cup of eye-opening joe....

Virtually 90% of all Christmas shopping has been done (I'm a firm believer in easy shopping & purchasing streamlined gifts as a general rule - so don't hate me for this - - join me!!!!), and only one handknit item remains to be knitted. Even better, it's a weeny & fast handknit item, and is intended for someone who has been extremely gracious about receiving late gifts in the past - so if it doesn't appear under the Christmas tree this year she not only will not be upset, she probably won't even be surprised.