Friday, December 21, 2007

Dangerous Words

Here I was, sitting calmly and carefully at my desk, working away the last day of work before the holiday break like a very good little busy beaver - when I saw the most incredibly dangerous e-mail flash across my computer screen:

Webs Year End Blowout Sale!

What is it that the Harlot likes to say? That she had an accident, and slipped, and accidentally swiped her Visa card on the way down?

I have two words for you, my ducks. Well, actually four words.

Highland Tweed.

Three Pounds.

Order total: $27

When they say 'blowout' - they mean blowout.

( I feel a bit feverish.)

1 comment:

CathyCate said...

Mmm, yes. I got the same e-mail. A couple pounds of that exact same yarn ended up in my basket too. (I'm thinking I'm going to overdye it, that light gray should make a great base.) But my total was, um, a bit more than $27. Lots of good deals! We'll call it an early Christmas present from Santa....