Thursday, February 22, 2007

Another catch-up Post

I had finished a post & hit the 'Publish' button only to see it show up several posts back on my queue list - - I'm guessing that's because I had started and saved it as a draft back at the beginning of the month. But no worries - at least it's THERE and can finally be read!

Still nothing but dire medical news from home these days - so I'm knitting and fretting and trying to find something useful to do that doesn't involve buckets of wine, slabs of chocolate, or else walking across the entire damn state in an attempt to give my worrying/fretting nogging a break. Luckily knitting at least distracts me a bit. I'm still working on R's hat and waiting for our Artyarns Royal Silk order to come in. Hopefully tomorrow - Saturday at the latest!

In the meantime, here is a very brief FO - a knitted purse that I made for my mother-in-law as a thank-you for coming to spend almost an entire week with the Munchkin while he was (happily) ill with rotovirus. Not only did that require her to change extremely disgusting diapers, but she also did some of her son's laundry - really more than anyone could have asked for - and all for free, to boot! So who am I to not make her some sort of thank-you present?

(and I should note that my sewing skills aren't fantastic, so while the 4-hour knitting of this was a breeze, I might have mumbled a few curses over the inexpertly-sewn in please be kind when you review that particular aspect of it!)

Knitted from a basic pattern I found in a knitting magazine whose name I currently can't remember. Not an Interweave - one I found in Barnes & Noble and fell upon in a knitting-magazine dry spell frenzy. It even has this purse on the cover - in bright blueberry blue. If anyone is really that curious I'll look it up for you - just ask.

She likes pink - luckily! I used one strand of something fairly chunky found at Michael's along with a strand of pinky shiny stuff (a Patons brand, if memory serves) along with at the same time. Happily enough she loved it - so all ended well in what will probably be my one and only purse-knitting attempt!


Sandy said...

Your lining looks better than mine did! ( The bag turned out great.

It sounds like you've been knitting up a storm lately. I'm sorry you've been having some bad news and I hope things are looking up soon. And don't worry about the blocking wires--no one ever has to twist my arm to get me to buy knitting supplies, as you can see in my last few posts. ;)

Emily said...

Oh my gosh! You guys have been having such a terrible time lately! I have to go and find the other "catch-up"... EWW to the rotovirus, I hear that's no fun At All.

Hugs all around and your mother-in-law's bag is so very very cute! The sewing looks great from here!