Friday, March 23, 2007

A set of retirement wings

One of the more wonderful & lovely members of my library is retiring in a year or so - - and I've been looking into and talking about making her a knitted shawl for the past - oh - 6 months or so. However nothing ever hit as being "perfect" and so no decisions were made. Until today.

Brooklyntweed posted about some hand-dyed yarn of his from the folks - - so I went over there to explore and clicked on the 100% wool laceweight stuff..........and oh oh oh look what I found:

Isn't it just BEAUTIFUL? 950 yards and $5.95. Can you believe it?

And what - you might ask - is it eventually going to be transformed into?

Icarus, of course!

To be 100% sure that I'd have enough to make a BIG shawl I purchased two skeins. Shipping included it came to $16. I laughed - seriously - the food purchase I made this week for my 4-committee group to consume during 10 telephone interviews came to $36.

Ohhhhhhhh but this should be fun to knit - and even better, with no deadline looming it'll be a fairly leisurely knit as well!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! What a great price! Trade you babysitting my crew for 2 more skeins! LOL!

Miss you! I needed to check out for a while, but if you're up for coffee soon I'm your girl!


Sandy said...

What lovely yarn! I recently cast on for Icarus too but I have a deadline of June 2 (for *completion*) looming over my head. Damm weddings. ;)

Emily said...

I could drown in that yarn. And not mind a bit!