Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Can you swear in a blog title?

I mean, I know it's totally ok to swear in the body of a blog posting, but what about in a blog posting title - what's the 'netiquette on that?


Why, you might ask (o' my ducks) do I want to swear? Why, in the face of such general goodness & triumphant knitting progress?

One finished ribbed baby jacket....

...complete w/ intarsia heart on the back.....

.....Munchkin, wearing his new bike helmet, as he helped me to "pound" (aka knead) the dough when he and I made a triple-loaf producing batch of the world's BEST EVER Oatmeal Toasting Bread.

I might send a loaf of this to some friends to thank them for loaning us a movie, but then again I might be greedy and hoard it all for ourselves. We're having BLT's this week one night for dinner (altho' we never actually have real BLT's - Peggers normally has a BBBT {bacon bacon bacon & tomato} while I have a BCT {bacon, cheese & tomato} and the Munchkin normally has........well, maybe these days a bite of bacon, or a sliver of cheese, or a crumb or two of bread. And then after such a dramatic intake such as that he promptly asks for..............oh, cookies or muffins or juice or other things that he KNOWS full well he's not allowed to have - much less at dinnertime!) and the idea of a warm, fragrant, drippy sandwich like that doorstop'd on both ends with oatmeal bread just sounds as good as good can get.

.....my recently-organized knitting basket that I keep next to the couch, in which you can not only spy the lovely little gift (lavender 'home fragrance') that I got from a friend this weekend as thanks for letting her use some of our not-in-use baby gear (honestly, what was so hugely generous about such a loan? Let someone use your baby swing because they just had twins or let it sit in the attic and get dusty because your own screaming one is far too big to fit in it anymore - - is that even a real choice?????) but also the purple raglan sweater that I'm in the progress of happily unraveling - I told you guys I would frog it! You can likewise see the recently-purchased lime green Cotton Ease skeins with which I'm currently knitting up a half-finished Debbie Bliss boatneck baby sweater for the newest male addition to Peggers' Buddy Boy Crew..............

Admiring the pinkness & cabled twists on Sockpal sock #2.

....and then finally my most triumphant piece of the week.

I decided that given my current list of WIP's.................

* 3/4 done with Peggers' vest
* 1/2 done with the boatneck baby sweater

..................and given my current list of projects that I'm about to start.....................

* Mystery Stole #3 (more on this to come later this week!)

......that I should get cracking on that second sockpal sock ASAP. So crack away I did - I cast on for it Thursday night and by last night you can see the progress I had made - the heel flap has been started!!! I was sooooo pleased with myself (To the heel flap already? On a knee-high sock???) that I tried them both on at the same time to admire them.

(Pride goeth before a fall.)

And swore.

And swore.

And took a deep breath and swore again.


Did you not see it immediately either? (It took me a bit of looking as well before I caught it.)

Let me show you again.

On the left is sock #1 with all six or so cuff rounds of RT, p2 ribbing. On the left is sock #2 with only four rounds of the same damn cuff.

What to do? What to do?????

It should be obvious to everyone by now that I am not not not ripping this out and re-knitting from the beginning. In fact after I discovered this snafu of mine last night I still continued knitting on the sock - and did another good hour or so this morning in the Toyota dealership while waiting for an oil change.

My current thought is this - can I carefully un-pick my cast on row, slide all of those stitches to my circulars, and knit, er, up the needed extra rows before casting off?

Will that work?

What say you, O Knitting Gurus?


Cathy-Cate said...

Question #1 -- you could swear, but it would be so much more elegant to be creative about it! (channelling the Harlot and her "flaming dump of pig dung" sprt of thing!)

Question #2 -- yes, you can unpick the cast-on row, which is what I would do, and knit 'up'. The uncasting is a pain in the patootie (if you had more yarn than time and patience, you could cut the yarn on the row below the cast-on edge and just remove the caston intact; it really is a pain, though do-able -- been there!
Hi, teammate! I'm on your Dishrag Tag team, and also knitting MS3! How fun!

Knittinggarden said...

Hi Susan: I'm also on your Dishrag Tag team and just dropped by to say hello. And, even though I haven't been knitting as long as some, and certainly am not as accomplished as many, I too have unpicked a cast-on edge and knitted up to add some length to a hat that I thought came out too small. It was a pain, but worked pretty well.


Ruth said...

I've been in the situation of needing to knit downward from a cast-on edge before, and I never unpick the cast-on row. Instead, I cut a single stitch just where I want to knit up from, unravel that row and remove and discard the cuff, and knit a new cuff.

mel said...

I lurve that little baby jacket Susan - the heart on the back is such a nice touch :) And I'm glad you got some help on the ribbing question - what a perfectly simple and sensible answer!! Hurray for no-ripping! And for the mystery stole, I'll be watching to see what it becomes :)

Sandy said...

I love the little baby knit, too. My friend recently had her baby (a little girl!) and I'm looking forward to an excuse to knit little baby things. I have to start looking around ASAP. :)

If I were knitting the socks for myself, I might have even left them uneven....they'll be covered by pants anyway. (Or maybe not, I'd have to see what mood I was in at the time!) That really is some helpful advice you got. I can think of a few different occasions where that technique would have come in handy.

Sarah-Hope said...

Can you tell me the source for the Ribbed Baby Jacket? It's just darling!
(If you can, thanks in advance. If you can't, no worries)