Saturday, September 29, 2007

Halfway There

We are halfway to our vacation spot - currently we're spending the night in Virginia, with a final destination of Hatteras, North Carolina, where we'll be relaxing and lounging for a full week.

I have brought with me (in addition to the norm of contact case, toothbrush, shampoo, children's books, beach toys, sippy cups, etc.):

1.) Embossed Leaves Socks - one is currently down to just decreasing the toe. One left to go.

2.) Screw-y Socks - first one is knitted, second one has yet to be cast-on for

3.) Belle shrug - I'm on the first sleeve, currently an inch and a half or so past the crook of my elbow

4.) Seraphim - I'm up to 100 or so stitches on the plain stockingknit part - I get to start following a chart when I get up to 250 or so stitches.

I have high, high hopes.

(And not just because of the 4 hours left to drive in front of me tomorrow morning or the full six hour drive home that we'll do a week from tomorrow.)


CathyCate said...

Excellent preparedness! You will NOT run out of knitting projects, and you can switch around if your hand gets tired of small needles!
Have a wonderful time!

mel said...

I love the Outer Banks :) Have a wonderful and well-deserved vacation!!

Sandy said...

I am so behind on reading posts! Have a fabulous time on vacation--there's nothing like lounging around for a few days to make you feel good as new. Enjoy!

I'm coming down for Homecoming Weekend so maybe I'll see you on campus and we can show each other our WIPs. ;)

Emily said...

You have to have a lot of never know what you are going to feel like knitting!

Happy Vacation!