Thursday, October 11, 2007


I'm going all Linda Richman on you.

Look. Just look at what was in my Ravelry inbox when I peeked today......

From: franklin
To: Susan B

re: I know I don't actually KNOW you....
Sent at 5:59 PM October 9, 2007

Well, that's one of the best things about Ravelry for I have a chance to get to know you.

So consider yourself friended. ;-)


Franklin. THE Franklin. Of Panopticon. You know. Insane lace knitter. Long-suffering roommate of Dolores, the world's only (hopefully) chain-smoking sheep. Majorly proud uncle of one of the cuter babies to grace the knit-world in quite some time.

Why is he writing to me, you might ask? To ME?


I groveled shamelessly and sent him the following 'Friend' invite on Ravelry...


To: franklin
From: SusanB
I know I don't actually KNOW you....
Sent at 11:02 AM October 9, 2007

....but seeing as how you're so incredibly kind to let all of us in your virtual living room (so to speak) you truly feel like a friend nonetheless.

(Plus if 160 others can eagerly claim you as their friend, I can surely muster up the courage to do so as well, dammit!)


  • Susan

...........and now that I've done so, and now that he's responded, I'm absolutely charmed by how sweet he was, thrilled down to my toes by the fact that his little cartoon picture is now listed in amongst my 18 Ravelry friends, and absolutely horrified at my impertinence. I have the urge to dust off my zafu, pull out my finest pair of lace-knitting circs, and start chanting to Elizabeth Zimmerman and Sharon Miller as a sort of knitter's penance.

(~ say it with me now, my ducks~)


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jessie said...

That's great. It's funny because I don't have the nerve to add him to my friends thing. It's like a knit-starstruck thing.

But now you are famous by association. Tell me if Dolores is as cynical in real life as she sounds on the blog. :-)