Friday, April 20, 2007

Three Cheers!!!

Oh how lovely lovely lovely.

(A very old shot of my Icarus progress just to give you something to
look at in this otherwise picture-less post...)

I came into work this morning fresh & early (and with lovely temperate weather instead of the yucky drippy chilly mess that we've had for the past two weeks - double-hooray!!!) to find an e-mail from Froggy Dear in my inbox inviting me to the Icarus KAL. She's been super-busy with everything but has emerged from her thesis & conference hell (poor thing - she really does seem nastily busy) and checked her e-mail & as soon as she read my message promptly invited me to join. So join I did and have my first post already in place.

Hip-hip-hooray! Hip-hip-hooray! Hip-hip-hooray!

Tomorrow pretty much all day Peggers has an annual Philosophy Symposium to attend (yaaawwwwnnnnn!!!!) so I'm 95% sure that after breakfast I'm going to pack the Munchkin in his carseat & motor my way up the road to go visit Gryphon at her farmer's market yarn stall. I can hardly wait - it's supposed to be fantastic weather (and I just got paid this week!) - so it should be a great day for a road trip!!!

Hmmmmmmmmm...........I wonder if I can persuade a certain person to play hookey from schoolwork and come along to play with us?

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Emma said...

Ooh, Icarus is on my list too! I just saw your comment from a couple of weeks ago about recharting the falling leaves scarf pattern. I am interested in that, if you are willing to share it. Email me at emmaarnett AT cox DOT net. Thanks!