Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Last Knit

"When Knitting Becomes An Obsession"

My husband is apparently having a slow day at work - I came in to find this e-mail from him:

To: Susan
From: Peggers
Subject: Remind You of Anyone?


.....so I clicked on the link and went to YouTube and watched the little video and actually laughed OUT LOUD at a few points. My only comment back to Husband-O-Mine was "I wish I could knit that fast!"
4:37 PM Tuesday - Update!
Oh, my ducks, it gets even better. You just read - above - my comment to Peggers. See, then, how he responded:

"I knew you were going to say that. Sick thing is, I noticed that she would knit once and a whole line would come out, instead of one stitch. You've got me corrupted now too!"
What power we hold in just our little pointy sticks!


Kate A. said...

Wow - thanks for linking to that! It totally made my day. Though was also a little scary. I found myself thinking (halfway through), "I hope that's not cotton. It *looks* fuzzy enough to be wool. Cotton would definitely be heavy enough to pull her over, but with wool she might have a chance."


I would have bound off the scarf and let it go (though it was *awfully* pretty), and then start knitting with my hair. Then, when I had knitted myself an interesting hairdo (but not long enough for it to go over the edge, mind you), I'd start knitting with weeds. I'd make dishcloths, not scarves. Scarves, clearly, are dangerous.

Susan said...

When she moved to her hair I was suprised - I actually had figured that she would have frogged then re-knitted her dress!


Guess it was a rated G animated bit!

Kate A. said...

Ha ha! I just showed Hubbster the video, and he responded just like your husband! ("It's not right though, is it? She's doing a whole row at once") Hurrah for well-trained husbands. :-)