Sunday, September 24, 2006

Time for me to earn my keep

I won't be around much this week - a combination of things going on via all fronts means that I will be busier for a bit than I have any desire to ever be, but.........'tis life, right? This is what I currently have either in front of me or lies recently behind me:

** My online students are all submitting their research logs sometime this week - so the joy of hand-grading & commenting on 96 research logs in only 7 days will soon be something of mine to experience.

** My f2f (that's face-to-face for those who aren't familar with the new online teaching lingo!) students are all submitting their Human Subjects Applications Monday by midnight, and the other faculty member and myself have to edit each of them within an inch of their lives by Wednesday before 11 AM. This is unfortunately a Very Big Project as well.

** Tomorrow (Monday) I get to spend four straight hours without a single break working with some honors students in groups of 5 - educating them on keyword searching, boolean search terms, recommending databases, etc. Fun and rewarding, certainly, but also extremely exhausing to be that intense and focused for that long of a time period.

** I have worked this past weekend Saturday & Sunday at the reference desk from 12-4. Why oh why are students here for 4 hours straight expecting me to help them nonstop when really what I'd like to be doing is sitting in an empty library with my feet up KNITTING?????

** My son is not sleeping well and for the past two nights has been extremely restless - last night in fact he was awake and chattering at me for about an hour in the middle of the night while I bleerily tried to keep him quiet(ish) such that he didn't wake up Peggers, which in turn would have simply given him an even larger audience to chatter to and would have made him even more awake.

** Ragweed season is in full bloom (excuse the pun) and the combined medications I am currently on to keep from sneezing my brains out makes me extremely woozy and blurry around the edges.

So - voila. My current situation in a nutshell. Happily enough I have purchased an online book via iTunes and am bringing home my iPod today so that I can listen to it wherever I might be in the evenings this week (my son's restlessness at night seems to somewhat abate if I am sitting next to him in bed) and so maybe - hopefully - will get in a few rows of knitting here and there.

Updates will certainly arise as often and intelligently as I can!

On a total side note (and to keep this from being a picture-less blog) is anyone else hoping that please-oh-please Eunny will provide us with the pattern for these socks? I've been oh so patiently waiting for ages now - and it seems almose like she's forgotten - but aren't they just beautiful and wouldn't they do wonderfully for a male who needs a nice pair of plain socks but on closer inspection aren't exactly so plain but are still nicely masculine????

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Kate A. said...

Yikes! Sounds like a tough week indeed - hang in there!

I've been telling my students for years that - even though none of them come in having the slightest idea that there is such a thing as a reference librarian - nevertheless these people are their very best friends in the world. Maybe I should also tell them to ply (excuse the pun) said librarians with wool when next they go running to the ref desk to ask where to find articles about post-colonialism and Edward Said??