Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I am in Yarnival!

Me! Little ol' me! In Yarnival! Picked out of "500 billion entries." I mean, wow.........that's a lot of entries!

(I feel so Sally Fields-like it's not even funny. "You like me! You really like me!")

I am a knitter. Hear me roar!

Peggers, stop laughing at me. No, seriously, stop laughing -
I can hear it all the way in my office, 30 miles away .............

Oh man O man, this means I need to post some seriously entertaining stuff from here on out. And make my blog pretty. Maybe add in some bells? And whistles? Some Very Cool Drawings? Cartoons a'la Franklin & Delores? Or maybe (just maybe) I need to go and spend a whole huge whacking lump of cash on some really purty yarn & put up lots of shamelessly-macro-taken exploitative pics to make everyone lust after My Stash????

Hmph. Somehow that last option really appeals to me. Funny how that might be, isn't it?

(A true & proper post coming tomorrow - complete with knitting content & pics & all the other good stuff that you could ever hope for......)


Anonymous said...

I was writing to ask if you might share the muffin receipe that you sent Emily...they looked divine. Thanks, Lesley

Emily said...

I think whistles would be good. I've never seen a website with whistles. ;P Congratulations on Yarnival! I am very behind in my blogs (stupid working) so I know I am late with that!

Kate A. said...

What a coincidence - I'm on Yarnival too! I had actually already seen your site there, I think, when you wrote me about the cast-on essay, but didn't know it was the same Susan! Funny...