Monday, October 23, 2006

...emerging blinking from my cave...

Wow, but it's been a LONG time since I've last been here!

We've had some long, tough days - too much work, too much grading, too many dirty dishes, too many toddler temper-tantrums, too many sick dogs, too many traffic jams..............................

But I'm starting to emerge from where I've been hiding, and I have one FO to show off from - oh - 2 weeks ago that I'm just now getting around to posting. (And 1 other semi-FO to show off {before I - grrrrrr! - unravel it significantly}, and one very-close-to-being-an-FO to brag about...)

So, without further ado! (and forgive their poor quality & total un-edited-ness - it's seriously been a long tough haul these past, oh, 3 or so weeks....)

Aren't they ust too crazy for words? I just hope that J likes them - and more importantly she remembers that SHE was the one who picked out these crazy colours!!!

Mama-E's 'Mousie Masala' sock yarn in 100% superwash. Knitted using an Interweave Knits pattern (rib & cable, if memory serves) - a lovely pattern even if the cable does do some funky things around the ankle area as you pick up the stitches from the heel flap.... Knitted over a too-long period of time - roughly 6 weeks, I'm guessing - and done mostly while listing to Cast-On and the Radio Detective Hour broadcasts. (Thank GOD for podcasts!)

The colours were radically different from one sock to the next - eeny stripes on one leg to wide stripes on the other, striping on one foot with pooling on the other. S'okay for me - I don't mind mis-matched socks OR pooling, but thank goodness Grumperina didn't knit these puppies, you know?

So, on to my bragging then frogging (4 minutes & counting until I have to run to daycare to get the Munch, so this will be FAST) - I knitted all of Peggers' knee-high sock. And he tried it on & mumbled the fatal words "It's too long" - which (I'll have you know) he swore to me that it never ever COULD be. "It can't be too long!" was the exact sentence that came out of his mouth, I think. So, one huge honkin' knee-high will now be ripped back an impressive 12 or so inches to shorten the ankle by a few inches and then the foot will be re-knitted then the sole will be re-picked-up and knitted. Oh well, don't we all always do things better the second time around anyway? And honestly - at a gauge of roughly 5 sts/inch it's not like it takes THAT long to knit anyway. I knit heavily on it while watching Disk 1 of the HBO series "Weed". Funny stuff, that. (K - update - Blogger won't let me put in any more pics, so I'll shove in the knee-highs in a post later this week..........PROMISE!)

So that was the froggin - and the bragging?


It's been a long haul, but man o man this one is turning out nicely.........................

I absolutely promise you a full set of photo-session pics on that one - complete with personalized modeling from R herself. Of course she doesn't know this yet {snicker, snicker} but give that woman a few cups of Starbucks (or rum & cokes!) and she'll agree to just about anything.....

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diana said...

Let's see those knee socks!!!