Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Numbers Game

Number of nonstop hours I get to work today - 14.

Number of doughnuts I've eaten to get my backside in gear for an 8 AM class - 2.

How many minutes I was late arriving for said 8 AM class - 3.

How many times I've regretted eating both doughnuts (so far today) - 64.

Number of laps I swam yesterday to burn off past & future doughnuts - 26.

Episodes of Sex & The City I watched last night - 3.

Number of times I thought that 'Steve' from S&TC was really the best character on the show - 8.

Total cups of coffee (so far!!!) - 1 2.

Number of times I've thought an unkind thought about my co-worker - 7 22. ;>

English 101 classes left to teach today - 1.

Hour of the morning when Munchkin woke up - 6.

Number of books I read to Munchkin between waking up & leaving for work - 5.

Number of stitches left on needle for R's clapotis - 67 44.

Number of dropped rows left to go before I'm finished:

(lovey picture courtesy of Keith Haring's estate)

Update - 3:45 PM. Make that -

Number of dropped rows to go before I'm finished:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm absolutely giddy with excitement!

Here's my number for today:

# of pieces of Halloween candy collected in 2 hours by my 7 children: approx. 450.