Friday, October 06, 2006

Knitting time here I come!!!!!!!!!

Oh Happy Days!

I finished grading all of my 96 student projects. I absolutely MADE myself finish them today because last night was a True Tragedy.

This past weekend we bit the bullet & got my son to start sleeping through the night on his own in his own (!) bed without nursing through the entire (!!) night. This means that I now have a stunning amount of free time to myself in the evenings. For example, I watched an ENTIRE movie on DVD from start to finish Saturday night - ducks, I haven't done that in a full year and a half!

So last night my son went to bed at the amazingly early hour of 7 PM - the little one was exhausted and 'night-night' it was indeed. By the time he was settled & I was done cleaning up from dinner & chatting to some of the guys who were over to visit it was 8 PM. And do you know what I had to do?

(Kate, don't laugh - I know this is how you have to probably spend every night, but those of us who don't have this much - ehrm - homework are seriously spoiled & whiny about it!)

I HAD TO GRADE PAPERS. No, really, it was a True Tragedy.

Two and a half hours later I was finished with the amount I had promised myself I'd finish that night, and then I was so tired I tumbled straight into bed. That's two and a half hours of knitting time totally wasted!

So today I forced myself and pushed through and people, oh, people, I finished them all!!!

Knee-high knitted EZ moccasins, decaf coffee, and rocking chair, here I come tonight!


Anonymous said...

LOL! You go GIRL!! So glad Munchkin is giving you some quality time.

Kate A. said...

Tee, really, I totally understand - *every* night (and day, and night, and the following day) that I've had to grade has been a Terrible Tragedy, because in *every* case, I could have been knitting instead!!

Congrats, though, on having lots more knitting time in your future! Congrats , too, to the little tyke for passing a major milestone...