Friday, May 04, 2007

Knitting during meetings & suchlike

This post coming to you from the beautiful conference center of the 2007 MLA (Maryland Library Association) meeting.

I am knitter - hear me roar! More specifically, hear me roar that during the first half of this morning's presentation titled "Blogs and Podcasting for Everyone" I finished my last Chart 1 repeat of Icarus. I now need to do a few more rows before I can move over to Chart 2 (and that is - unfortunately - no little thing to say as I'm up to - what - 375 stitches or so per row now?) - but man o man - the second chart is in sight, and I can hardly wait!

No pictures, because my cell phone camera isnt' fantastic & who needs a blurry picture of what is still at this point a silky blue blob?

But I am close - so close that I can almost taste it.

Now I'm off in search of coffee before the 2nd half of the presentation kicks in (the podcasting portion) and after that I am going to play hooky from the beginning portion of a demo this afternoon for a wee bit to sneak in some lunch w/ Peggers as I am a mere 15 minutes from his workplace and the man's offered to buy me lunch!

How could a girl resist a free lunch?

Happily, though, the demo that is slated later this afternoon is as knitting-friendly as this morning's presentation is, which means by the end of the day I'll be that much closer to starting Chart 2 than I currently am. Hip hip hooray for meetings and presentations and demos!

Booo booo booo to Honors Convocations when I'm not allowed to knit!

(That travesty happens today at 3:30. Boo! Hiss!)

Pictures & info about my Gryphon Traveler sock to come next week, plus pictures of Icarus into Chart 2, plus a final synopsis of my Green Tea Raglan sweater as well - my month from hell is wrapping up (my month bled into about 6 weeks instead of the more standard 4!) and I'm starting to emerge!!!!

Plus - Maryland Sheep & Wool is this weekend and baby I'll be there - Kim and I are catching a knitting bus up and we're planning on meeting up w/ Gryphon and her MD knitting bloggers group at 1 - hopefully I'll see some other folks there for a fun get together!


Lara said...

Emily said...

Booo to non-knitting situations!!

How was sheep and wool? Are you exhausted, did you touch a bunch of yarn? Any pictures with a sheep? :D

Michael said...

Are you the knitter I spoke with after the blogging session? (There was more than one person knitting in the audience).

I was curious what people who already had a blog thought of the presentation, since you would obviously have known a lot of the content already. Also, there were lots of great stories about how libraries were already using blogs, so I was wondering if a session that was more of a discussion on what libraries were doing with blogs and wikis right now, and how it was going would be of interest. Any thoughts on whether something like that would be of interest to you personally or maybe just in general.


Sandy said...

When are we going to see pictures of you in the finished Green Tea Raglan?? :) I'd love to see how it turned out.