Monday, May 21, 2007

A lack of knitting progress (and of knitting photos)

I worked on Icarus Friday afternoon - but then real life intruded on my fantasy knitting world:

** Friday night was our 5th anniversary dinner night (anniversary was actually Thursday, but as [free] babysitting was available Friday, who were we to squabble?)

** Saturday & Sunday were totally (and I mean TOTALLY) dedicated to installing a mildly complex bit of L-shaped built-in bookshelves with in in-laws at the house for babysitting/toddler diverting and expert consultant purposes. To say that this weekend was as stressful as I've ever seen is putting it mildly - between absolutely stunning toddler temper tantrums, sibling spats, parental tension, a burned-out air compressor [BUGGER on that one - only 1/3 into installing the final trim pieces with the attached nail gun and we would have been completely finished!!!], and some pretty serious stress coming at Peggers from work via 4-5 phone calls every day over both days - not only was there no real knitting (well, I got in several rounds of a sock while we were at the baseball game Saturday night) but there was general exhaustion and mental fatigue everywhere you looked. So it's probably good that I didn't touch Icarus, as I would have just messed it up and had to have frogged back way to much to even think about!

However the bookshelf is done - missing trim on 3 of the 5 shelves, but still, it's done and books and bookends are in place. Pictures to come soon. Probably far too many pictures of it to come soon. ;) It looks - if I can say for our modest carpentry skills - absolutely fantastic. It is also, in a house filled with one philosophy major & one librarian and one budding 2-year old bibliophile - extremely needed.

And knitting on Icarus with Kim is on tap for this afternoon. So Sandy?

And even better, Jessie said that she sent my Sockpal yarn on Thursday (sigh - a good omen, as that was my anniversary!) so it should hopefully be here.........this afternoon or tomorrow. Which means that I'll have to have a serious conversation with myself over swatching w/ the yarn versus working on Icarus!

I have a feeling that I'm going to lose that argument.


Sandy said...

Nope, you’re still ahead of me! I’m only on the second row of Chart 4, and that’s after working on it a little today. I stopped Icarus on Wednesday and didn’t pick it up again until last night because I’d been so busy working on the other project (which by the way, I finished, weaved in the ends, and wrapped on Saturday’s car ride--never thought I’d be happy to hit traffic!) and fighting off a nasty sinus thing that’s making me miserable and exhausted. I’ve been quite grouchy at work Friday, Sunday, and today.... Bad librarian....

Anyway, good luck to both of us! :)

Sockapalooza4 Pal said...

Happy anniversary! Hope your yarn arrives in good time, perhaps it will warm you up to pink ;)