Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Snicket Socks


I took advantage of the morning light to try and take several pictures of my Snicket Socks.

Ironically enough, I had started off the day wearing commercial, boring brown socks, but after pulling these on to take the pictures and feeling how warm and squishy and wonderful they were on my February-chilled feet, I decided to wear them the whole day!

I rarely wear these shoes - they rub blisters something fierce - but I adore how handknit socks are shown off to their full potential by the shoe design and wee details! This is the picture where I'd say the sock yarn colour is the most accurate.

Pattern: Snicket Socks, designed by Sabine Riefler
: Magknits - September 2006
Materials: Sundara Sock Yarn in the 'Green Tea' colourway
Needles: 24" - US size 2/3.0 mm Addi Natura Circulars
Size: Woman's Medium - fits my size 9 foot like a dream

I did my own version of the heel. Many folks have done this, as the short-row
heel that the designer called for seems to be a love-it/hate-it sort of detail.

More of the same.
It was amazingly hard for me to take pictures of my own feet today!

That's about it from me today, I'm afraid. I finished my first May Day swap sock - but I've been pondering trying to get it published somewhere online (Knitty, Magknits, etc.) and one of the things that Knitty specifically requires is that the sock doesn't see the online light of day until after it's been shown in their published format - which totally nixes any chance of showing it to you guys! B-U-T...............Knitty's next deadline is - uh, Saturday, which means that I will most certainly not get the second sock knitted, get the pattern typed & formatted, and proper exciting, naturally-lit, feature-enhancing photos taken of the socks before then.

So that rules out Knitty, I guess. I checked Magknits, but their 'Submission' page unfortunately takes me right to their 'Advertising' page content - the web links seem to be all mixed up & the page content is snafu'd - so I'm not too sure when their next deadline is, either. I've sent a message to their editor - I'll see if I hear anything back.

Hmph. That's it for me. Back to work, I guess. My real job, that is - not knitting - more the pity.


Lola and Ava said...

Such a pretty chartreuse . . . not yellow, chartreuse . . . or is it puce . . . perhaps puce chartreuse. I'll shut up now (but they are pretty).

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous socks... I love the colour!! They are just divine!

You need to stop knitting socks now ;-) I am knitting for you!!

You May Day Sock Pal

jessie said...

Fantastic socks! That color is a current favorite of mine.

The Sanguine Gryphon said...

You don't need the second sock to submit to Knitty! Artsy pictures of one sock are quite sufficient. Go write that pattern, pronto!

tonni said...

Love the color! Good luck on getting your own pattern published :)