Thursday, February 07, 2008

What a Pal What a Pal What a Pal

Munchkin in earlier, non cold-season days.

January & February so far seem to belong in 2007. Now, I have high hopes for the improvements that will begin in 2008. Now I just have to wait for 2008 to actually *start* for us - you know?

One of the Troubles (I feel so Irish to say it like that!) involves my husband and his insane vituperous work environment - so the less said about that and the sooner it is behind us the better. So far it is - probably - approximately 3/4 behind us and hopefully will fade to a vaguely disturbing memory in a few months.

The second current Trouble involves the Munchkin. Unfortunately the little guy's respiratory system never quite cleared up after his battle with bronchitis/pneumonia a few weeks ago. Tuesday night he started coughing and wheezing and panting - and was up for most of the night in misery (despite the prescription cough syrup with codeine that we had given him!) - so Wednesday the doc squeezed him in and gave him a through checking-over once more. The upshot is that the middle lobe of his right lung probably never cleared up completely from last time - so he's on some whacking meds for a few days plus (and this is the true kicker) a nebulizer twice a day for two weeks then once a day until sometime in March/April when winter is really and truly over and cold/flu season is past us. No permanent damage to his lungs yet, but the doc wanted to be over-cautious and kick the living crap out of this and make sure that every single thing that could cause his lungs to close up could be dealt with before it even became a problem - all to prevent him from having problems into adulthood. Fairly scary to hear! At least the chest x-ray was clear. The first nebulizer treatment went very very well last night and the little guy slept like a champ all night. This morning's treatment went well also - amazing how bribing him with an old Disney cartoon will get a 2-year old to sit still for 10 minutes! - and so that's a great relief for everyone.

Through all of this - with the help of the first season of Medium from my public library - I've been knitting. I have also been knitting with the help from my wonderful, lovely, and talented Sockpalooza Pal - Ava. Just LOOK at what she sent me a few weeks back!

My very own little WIP bag! I absolutely ADORE it - I love the fabric, I love the size, I love the length of the drawstring - I love everything about it! And handy? This sucker is handy. It perfectly holds a skein of sock yarn, two sets of size 2 circs, and your single finished sock.

I'm not paying attention to the pattern for Snicket anymore, as I've got it memorized, but if I needed that paper tucked in there, my trusty T.B.S. - W.I.P. bag would hold it!

A also sent some other goodies. Like this adorable blank notebook with the funniest cover ever. I adore this woman. I'd love to be this woman in this life - so svelte. So adored. So obviously intelligent and self-contained. So able to properly apply makeup. However I'm not really that sort of woman in this life - so I'm instead content to think that maybe possibly I was that sort of woman in a past life.

A also sent me this in my Goodie Package. When I opened it first thing to a totally random page this is the quote that I read:

"Learning a new craft will make you chatter on incessantly about the art form. Be careful not to bore your less artsy friends." - the Clue of the Leaning Chimney.

How is that not absolutely perfect for every single obsessed knitter/crafter currently out there????????????


Emily said...

Poor Munchkin! My little sister had a nebulizer back in the the day for her asthma (which just tells you we are older than inhalers) - are they still as noisy? (I guess not if he could watch TV.) Sounds like your doctor is a thorough guy!

PS I am impressed that you worked the word "vituperous" into a blog post.

Anonymous said...

Awww, I hope that your little one is better soon!

I love your sock in process, the color and pattern are just fab - and the little bag is just divine!