Friday, March 07, 2008


While Sunday is the actual birthday for Mr. Munchkin (his 3rd - how on earth did I ever let him live to be that old???) we are celebrating it with other very very small and overly-excited children on Saturday. That would be tomorrow.

Which is why the following things have been made, arranged, and/or prepped around my house lately. Not to mention the over-the-top cleaning that I have been trying to accomplish as well.

Kim was over last night and she and I did some major party-prep sugaring:

Our first batch of caramel corn.

This particular type of caramel corn is made in a paper bag in the microwave. Angry Chicken first turned me on to the concept. This poor, butter and sugar-soaked bag had seen two batches of caramel corn work their way through it. Kim and I almost ate the bag itself, the stuff was so good.

Four batches - FOUR BATCHES! - of caramel corn, bagged and ready to go. The last batch I deviated from the original recipe a bit and added in 2 tsp. of vanilla to the caramel. I bagged that in clear cellophane bags - they're the "adult" batch, if you will.

Slab O' Rice Krispy.

Elmo getting stuffed.

(I'm sorry, there's probably too much that I could say about that last sentence & picture, but I'll leave it to you to supply your own details.)

After all of the sugaring was done, Kim and I did the tiniest bit of fiber-ing. We had hoped to mess with our February Fiber Club haul, but alas, Hello Yarn's February shipment is a bit delayed this month and so we'll have to wait until next time to give it a whirl.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to run and pick up some half-and-half and a coffee cake from the store for tomorrow's pre-party breakfast gathering, then go home and continue cleaning so that the house is nice and tidy when all of the little kids come over to trash it.

Wish us luck!

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