Monday, March 10, 2008

Cellphones in the bathroom

We have crossed an all new line of personal communication. These college students, they sure are crazy for their cell phones, that's for sure. Last week in the gym I watched a student walk in a bathroom stall with her cell phone up to her ear. She must have *just* been checking her voicemail, because I never did hear her say anything over the phone. But this morning in a student union bathroom I heard not one but two students come in while talking on their cell phones and go right into a stall and start unzipping..............

Now, c'mon people - is that really necessary? Can't some things - you know - wait?

Some days I feel old, and some days I feel ancient. Today is most certainly one of the latter.

It might be the time change, or it might have been the multiple-child-filled weekend, but whatever it is, I am totally wiped out.

Utterly exhausted. Like, first-trimester-of-pregnancy tired. (I AM NOT PREGNANT. I'M JUST TIRED LIKE A PREGNANT WOMAN. IT'S A METAPHOR ONLY.)

I'm on my second cup of industrial-strength coffee so far today and it hasn't yet started to kick in - all I do is yawn and press the wrong buttons on the keyboard over & over & over again. I'd go and get more in the hopes of waking up a wee bit, but all of the caffeine is starting to make my stomach do ucky things, so I'll settle instead for a cup of herbal tea while I sit and chat with Kim before going home this afternoon. Then I'm making a nice, basic dinner (spaghetti w/ a beef & mushroom & cream sauce - thanks to a Real Simple magazine recipe from last winter that I'm just now getting around to making!) then bath for the Munchkin then story then bedtime for the both of us.

Seriously. Bedtime at 8:30? I can hardly wait.

I'd work on my dad's brioche sock, but that takes too much concentration at the moment. I tried last night to work on a hat and do a round of eyelets, but I couldn't keep the [k2tog, yo, k] repeat going correctly.

.................and that, my ducks, is just too sad and too tired for words.


Lola and Ava said...

Two of my students asked if I just go home and crash at the end of the day. "Today? Yes . . . I stayed up until midnight reading a book, I've been introducing this topic all day, and the time change has me beat."

The cellphones in the bathroom? That's when you start grunting really loud and being an ass in the stall next door . . . or start a pretend conversation about a pretend person. Either one is effective.

Emily said...

I remember when my bedtime was at was just three weeks ago. Those were the days. :D