Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Silk Shell - 1: Socks - 3: Sleep - 0

That should actually be more like "silk shell - 1/2" but I didn't think that the Blogger title would handle fractions very well.

I'm currently working on the back of the shell that I'm designing for Gryphon, am two cable turns away from starting the heel of my Chuck's Cabled Socks, am a mere 10 rounds from decreasing for the toe of my second May Day Sock Swap sock, and have knit several inches of the Twisted Flower sock out of my brand-spankin' new Beekeeper wool/seacell yarn from MamaBlue. I keep spending so much time knitting lately that I'm going to bed around 1:30 or 2 AM every night. Ugh. I really need to curtail this a bit, as I'm a bit groggy and fuzzy around the edges lately. More so than usual, that is.

(This picture grossly misrepresents the colours of this beautiful yarn. Damn overhead lights!)

What a day! It's been utter chaos here - we found out this morning via a very suprising e-mail that a colleague who has been working in the department for well over 30 years is leaving - and leaving in 3 weeks. All of a sudden there is major scrambling to get the soon-to-be-vacant hours covered, shifts dealt with, committee appointments changed, liaisons notified, etc. Major major major changes.

Luckily for me all of the shifting helped with one thing - I was able to change out my work day of Saturday, May 3rd for Saturday & Sunday May 10th & 11th. I'm certain that at first glance that doesn't seem at all a good switch - a single shift for two shifts? A single shift for two shifts on Mother's Day weekend????

A single shift that occurs smack during the middle of the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival?

(There's the rub.)

I am now happily free from that single pesky shift, and the Munchkin and I are going to sign ourselves up for a bus ride to and from the festival, courtesy of a LYS - the same one that Kim and I took advantage of last year. We'll leave our place at the jaw-droppingly early hour of 6:30 AM (the Munch is such a lucky weasel - he'll get to sleep on the ride up!) and will leave the festival to come back home at 4 PM. All in all, it should be the perfect time - he can play with me and read books during the bus ride up to the fairgrounds, and can probably sleep on the bus ride home, which will provide him with just the perfect nap so that he's not a cranky monster that evening. Me? I'll just drink a boatload of coffee and will get by merely on caffeine and the contact high from being around all of those alpacas and sheep.

The real question this year is - what to buy? I think I'll skip the 45+ minute long wait for Socks that Rock this time around, and might instead look for some nifty spinning fiber rather than yarn. But then again, I might be utterly seduced by something completely different all together!




(I certainly take custom orders, if anyone is dying for something and can't make it themselves!!!)


Emily said...

Buy something you've never heard of!

Lola and Ava said...

Wait are you going to the festival or not? And when is it? And if I go do you want to meet up? And . . . and . . and that's it.