Monday, July 31, 2006

Weekend Update

Stunningly little knitting was done over the weekend - mostly because my hubby (Peggers) was gone all day Saturday and part of Sunday leaving me alone with our extremely energetic little one - aka Munchkin. So getting knitting done while corraling Munch isn't terribly easy - especially when he loves to run up to me sitting (knitting) on the couch, grab my working ball of yarn and try and run off with it while shouting "MINE! MINE!"


So once I finally got him down for a nap on Saturday afternoon & night then and only then was I able to get some knitting done. My clapotis progress isn't much - but it's giving me hope - I dropped the 8th row of stitches, and I've just-about-almost made up my mind that I'm going to stop this particular piece at 10 dropped stitch rows before I start on the decrease section. It's currently long enough for me to hold one end in my outstretched right hand and hold it all the way across my body - with the end in my left hand just past my left shoulder.

I'm thinking that I want to make it just long enough to span my outstretched arms - and that's when I'll quit with the straight row section of the clapotis & move to the decreasing rows (which means it will be that long and a bit longer when I'm finished, as the decreasing rows add on a bit of length in their own right) - and that will be a good length. Whatever exactly that ends up being. Major progress should be made on this tomorrow, for tomorrow is my heaven-sent blissful day where I work very, very late into the night hours, which means that I don't actually haul myself into work until oh, 2 or 3 PM, which means HOURS AND HOURS OF UNINTERRUPTED KNITTING TIME. Every now and then I also mix this up with housework - you know - dishes and laundry and such - but I'm planning on doing little of that tomorrow - and instead plan on some major feet-up knitting time supplimented with far too much coffee and some DVDs.

I finally got around to taking a picture of the new sock yarn that came in for J's birthday socks, and think she's going to quite like them. I was worried at first that the yarn would stripe up, but I knitted a tiny little swatch for gague reasons and was quite pleased to see that there was nary a stripe in sight.

I'm just not as pleased with this yarn as I had thought I'd be. While the colours are lovely and very clear and vibrant, I think what keeps me from just raving and loving it like I do other sock yarns I've recently bought is the yarn itself. This is just the wee-est bit flat and doesn't have the sproing of other yarns that I've bought and used. And honestly, once you go sproing-y there's just no going back.......

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