Thursday, August 03, 2006

Deadlines & Toddler Hell

Yesterday I was stuck in what was probably only the 3rd or 4th level of hell, but at times felt all the way like the 7th. My wee one was sick - Tuesday night had a sudden temperature spike of 101.5 for about 3 hours and some rather - well, let's just say that no diaper-change is ever exactly pleasant - but the diapers he was, uh, gifting us with were more funky than usual. So that meant that it was a mommy/toddler stay-at-home day, as he's required to be out of daycare for a full 24-hours after he goes over the 101 temperature mark. Of course by Wednesday morning he felt absoulutely FINE and while quite cheerful must have been somewhat dismayed to be stuck at home with me as he went ABSOLUTELY NUTS running around the house getting into absolutely anything and everything that he wasn't supposed to get into. I ran around him like a chicken with no head trying to mop up, sweep up, straight up, and pick up what he spilled, broke, knocked over, and threw down in his whirlwind-like mood. Daycare is a godsend - especially a small one like he attends with only 3-5 other kids - it's like a large extended family - and he's taken care of by the most patient and incredible woman - it really is a dream situation! We all get the best deal we could have hoped for (me with work & solitary time, him with multiple steady playmates, and her with a stay-at-home way of making ends meet.) So last night by - oh - 8 PM both Peggers and I were ready to duck-tape his little body into one solid piece and stick him in a box for just ten peaceful minutes - he was that wired - but instead we decided to brave the soul-sucking heat and let him run around the large grassy area we happily have next to our house. (Yes, some folks call it a cemetery, I know - but for us it's a playground & dog park! A 'clean-up-after-your-dog dog park, that is!!!) An almost full round of the cemetery made for one slightly sleepy babe - but still he got a second wind after bath and it took some Daddy bouncing & swaying to get him to finally conk out at the overwhelming hour of TEN PM!!!

I was thrilled as thrilled can be when he met all of the requirements to go back to daycare today - especially as things are on high gear for me this month and daycare is closed 3 days over the next 2 weeks so I'm working on Short Time before the students show back up and my life is (briefly) no longer my own. Not that it really feels like it's my own at the moment anyway, but you know what I mean.

So that was my toddler hell. And the deadline I reference? No, nothing as paltry as work deadlines - it's a KNITTING DEADLINE. My boss (the afore-mentioned KK) is on leave this coming Friday & Monday, and I hope beyond hope to have her clapotis finished by Tuesday so that I can gift it to her then. I long-ago hit my 10 dropped stitches mark and decided that this sucker needs to be much longer - it needs to be warm and wrappable, and not just something to drape over your shoulders and barely skims your elbows - so keep knitting I am. Luckily you get a whopping 1400 yards of yarn with this particular Interlacements skein, so I have lots and lots and lots and lots to keep knitting with!

I sometimes got tired of knitting 5, purling 1, knitting 5, purling 1 - so I also worked on socks and (of course) decided that the knot in KK's yarn was providence's way of telling me that I should cast on for R's clapotis as well. [snicker, snicker] So of course I figured "who am I to argue??" I've set up 9 dropped stitch rows so far for the clapotis (the pattern tells you to set up 15) and it's just chugging along. But it just seems too small - the yarn is so nicely thin (closer to a chubby laceweight - if there is such a thing! - than the sport or DK weight of KK's yarn) and the drape and feel and colours are lovely - but in order for R to get full and proper use out of this I'm thinking I'll need to set up more like 21 or 23 dropped stitch rows. We'll see as it progresses - that's the extra-nice thing with this pattern - you really can judge and guesstimate as you go along!
That same see-as-you-go is also my current favorite thing about my silky wool lace socks. The stitch pattern is just flying along like a DREAM - I no longer need the pattern to work on these, which is extra nice - and I think the silky wool looks particulary nice in the twist and ladder section. I'm not too sure how long to make these - I'm thinking crew length instead of full calf-length as they're supposed to be cool socks for her - and more length just equals more overheated leg, is my guess.

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Anonymous said...

Well, there are nine layers of hell (according to Mr. Aligheri and who are we to question him?), so methinks you were only a third of the way to Asmodeus, Mephistopheles or whatever the fallen one is going by these days.

I can say this, however:

As the aforementioned Peggers, it would be completely in character for me to brag about the efficiency of the "Daddy Bounce and Sway" bolstered by Aimee Mann playing softly in the background.

"Hell" ended 15 minutes after the first bounce and sway.

Of course, I make this testosterone and bravado filled statement knowing that it will not only prolong the making of my knee high volleyball socks (bright red of course!), but that when it comes to keeping the Munch happy during the night, I don't stand a snowballs chance on any of the layers.

And oh yeah, you knitting people are obsessed!