Monday, August 07, 2006

Monday with a vengance...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh goodness but I'm tired! The Munchkin decided that last night was not - apparently - a night that he intended to spend in boring slumber - and instead decided to first toss & turn for a good hour or so before sitting straight up in bed and saying (in a very high-pitched far too loud voice for what turned out to be 4 AM) "Mommy? Daddy? Down! Down! Down!" and then proceeded to 'get down' and climbed out of bed. He played until quarter to six, at which point he humored me and went back to sleep after about another half hour of tossing and turning. When I woke up at 9:15 this morning it was with a jolt that I realized that I had to: get the Munch up & dressed; get myself up & showered & dressed; give the dog his meds; feed the dog breakfast; feed the Munch breakfast; take the dog outside for his morning constitutional; pack up my lunch; pack up all my necessary odds and ends; and bring my SIL's organic vegetable share into work this morning. All in 45 minutes - and drop off the Munch at daycare. And if I didn't get a cup of coffee I'd probably fall over dead on my face. So needless to say it was a *very* interesting morning! Luckily my 10 AM meeting went very well, and I'm now fairly proficient at the motion-captur software that I need to know how to use to create online tutorials for my student workers. AND in a total bonus my office is at this very moment purchasing me a nifty headset/microphone setup so that I can record audio along with my motion capture pieces. Which means I'll also be able to start recording book chapters for LibriVox before too terribly long - which is something that I've wanted to do for quite some time now! And because it really and truly was the best way to go, I got a headset with a USB hookup, which means it can totally operate with my Mac so I can do both necessary pieces of recording in the privacy of my own home instead of in the incredibly public sphere of my office!

So that was a lovely thing to find out before noon today, which has put in in a considerably better mood than I was in this morning. (Eh, plus the 24-ounce cup of coffee kicked in!) Then I got a lovely e-mail from Emily chatting to me about a potential skein of (woo-hoo!) sock yarn in exchange for chocolate - so that made me even happier. So now I not only have a headset coming my way but maybe some sock yarn as well. And of course I'm still on the eager lookout for Sundara's 'Dusk' yarn to arrive - - that is my payment for knitting R's clapotis.

(And ahhhhhhhh can you belive it? In an e-mail from none other than Sundara herself on Friday last she said that she had dyed this batch of Dusk with me in mind! With me in mind! That's like the Harlot saying that you're funny or Grumperina saying that she thinks you're a pretty knifty and proficient knitter! Aaaaahhhhhhhhh I almost fell over in my chair - chair and all - when I read that!)

And work on R's clapotis I am as I can now devote myself guiltlessly to as I have (cue drumroll!) finished KK's clapotis!!!!!

(Snippet of head courtesy of my non-sleep-needing wee one.)

After blocking this puppy was LONG - longer than I had anticipated, but still not too long, I think. I was quite pleased with the way it turned out - the drape is just lovely with this yarn and the colours really turn into something subtly bright (?) with the dropped stitches separating the solid panels.

Finished length came to 75 inches and finished width to 14.

I Photoshopped the extra-close up picture below to try and get a more accurate shot of the colours - but I'm not at all sure that I succeeded. The real clapotis is probably hovering somewhere between the two...

More pictures later in a separate post either today or tomorrow - I started a new pair of Amelia Raitte 'Badcaul' toe-up socks with some Mama-E yarn that I purchased for a friend's (very) late birthday gift and some commercial pictures from our evening jaunt to Assateague Island National Seashore where we spent a wonderful time watching the sun go down and the moon come up!

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