Thursday, August 24, 2006


I am sitting here blogging with my diaper-only-clad son at my feet. He is happily playing with an (unplugged) glue gun and is lovingly trying to re-tape on the bottom half of a picture that he ripped off a plastic box. My husband is downstairs with some of his friends playing a game, and I am here typing wondering where on earth in my king-sized bed my fourth size 2 dpn could be. (And more importantly praying to every known deity above that my husband doesn't find it by rolling over in the middle of the night and getting impaled by a 2.5mm, uh, 'splinter'!)


I'm already bummed enough as it is because I don't have a 5th size 2 dpn to use - my knitting still isn't good enough with dpns that you can't see the ladders where I switch needles - and this problem is greatly reduced when I'm able to decrease the angles between needles by knitting with a grand total of five.

NOTE: found needle. Behind bed. Now just need to find other, other lost needle so that I can knit with 5 instead of 4.

The new sock pattern is going amazingly well. Rapidly and amazingly. I have already almost 4 inches done (now, that was done on the size 2 needles, and I was working before on the size 1 needles, but STILL) and that is after only 2 days. The pattern (k2p1 ribbing with two cables on either side of the ankle) is just flying past. One more cable turn and I'll have the four inches done at which point I'll be able to switch to (five!) size one needles and will knit another four inches. At this rate I'll have a sock done by the end of next week! Which will bring my grand single sock total up to three, which means then I'll have to make a serious decision as to which second sock I'll cast on for next. I'm thinking the embossed leaves sock - the person I'm gifting those to has no idea they're coming, which is good. And they went by VERY quickly - only 4 pattern repeats and you're at the heel - and they use the double circulars. So I might cast on again for J's sock and the embossed leaves sock at the same time - after all isn't it probably somehow best to have 2 socks on the needles at all times? Especially one sock that you can do without consulting the pattern and one that you have to actually concentrate on?

In an attempt to keep this post from being totally picture-less, I'm going to see if I can't find someone else's picture of the sock I'm currently working on and upload it here. But first (see what last post taught me after only crashing Safari and losing the whole post, what, five times?) - first I'm going to save it ......

It worked! Now how bizarre is that? Even better, this is the original picture from the 2005 IK issue, so you can exactly see their true allure and the Beauty That Is Their Heel Flap. A cool pattern, isn't it? Very lovely and striking in it's simplicity, I think. I'm leaning more and more towards trying it again in some different yarn. Just what exactly I mean by different (solid? Less striping?) I'm not too sure.

Tomorrow I should be able to produce a proper post. For the first time this week I won't be monumentally busy at work ("only" leading an orientation with a group of freshman for an hour tomorrow morning starting at 9 AM followed by convocation at 10:30 then lunch with everyone...THEN I'll have a break until my virtual reference hour at 3. So while I have an absolute boatload of work to do I might even get in a real post with real pictures. Maybe.

At the very least I have to try and get something up for Eye Candy Friday!

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Emily said...

I pulled out my IK to take a closer looks at the socks - I really love how the cable goes right into the toe! What a great pattern.