Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Deliverance & Delivery

Nooo.........not the movie.
KK's clapotis was successfully & happily delivered today. I re-gifted some lovely Sundara tissue paper and wrapped it up as prettily as I knew how and brought it into work this morning. She was quite thrilled (made me very happy when she commented after looking at the tied-up box "ooh, look at that yarn you tied the box with - oh, I can't cut that - it's too beautiful!" - said yarn being - of course - the very same Interlacements that her clapotis was knitted with!) and the clapotis seems to fit her quite well. It even matched the little embroidered flowered border on her skirt today - so it was just perfect!

My friend K (she of the perfect Birch that is now completed - pictures coming soon - yayyyyyyy K!) had the funny idea to drape all of our FOs on a statue that resides on campus - so yesterday I grabbed KK's clapotis and trudged on over in the afternoon heat to drape the female statue (we have one of each) and snap away. Look at the pictures below - isn't that WEIRD??? I have no idea why the pictures came out all misty and 'atmospheric' like they did - K's idea was that I came out of my overly-AC'd office into the 87 degree humidity, and that caused the camera to fuzz up. Certainly sounds like a total possibility to me!
It was really fun to take these pictures (only one up here, the rest up in Flickr via the FO link to the right), even if I did feel like a total git standing there tenderly smoothing and arranging clapotis folds around this (hot to the touch!) metal chica. Happily though because the fall semester hasn't yet started up barely anyone - if anyone at all - saw me taking my photos. I'm guessing, though, that after I finish a few more objects & take more statue pictures I'll stop feeling so silly and will just start to feel matter-of-fact...

I have quite a bit of Interlacements left after this project. The original skein came to 16 ounces and worked out to 1400 yards. I have now 6 ounces left, which (if my maths are correct) works out to 525 yards. I really really liked the shawl that Franklin's coworker brought back from Russia. I'd like to try out the Interlacements on that sort of a very open ropy pattern (I particularly like the vines that were on the Russian shawl) but don't even know where to start. Anyone have any idea on where to start looking for a similar pattern or (even better) what I could do with my remaining 525 yards? (And Peggers? No rude comments from you allowed here, me boyo............)

So, that is the 'deliverance' I reference in the post title. The 'delivery' I reference is the fun arrival of my new headset today at work - I played around with it and within a whopping five minutes got the Audacity software to work and the sound quality is so much better. Now I just need to download Audacity to my home Mac & do some practice recording with the headset at home (in private!!!!) before I sign up for a LibriVox chapter. But it's only a matter of time - yipee!!!

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