Thursday, August 17, 2006

Mmmmmmmmmm.......................smells GOOD.
The smell of yarn (for me) ranks right up there with freshly baked bread and the crook of my son's neck.

Sundara's yarn is especially yummy. There is something about the true saturated quality of the colours that somehow seems to add to the olfactory experience. Check it out with my new Sundara treasure - 'Dusk' yarn for a pair of socks. And seriously? This stuff is SO beautiful that I think they're going to be............................(wait for it)..................stocking stitch. That's right, just plain ol' knitting around and around and around. Anything else would totally obscure the beauty and the colours and the gradations. (Hey, if it works for the Harlot why wouldn't it work for me???) With a k2p2 border at the top - but done like Amelia's latest pair of socks where the knit stitch in the ribbing is knit through the back which I find just makes the stitches 'pop' that tiny little wee bit more. Yet is still visibly different in a "hmmmmm...why does that look different?" sort of way.

There is also something about the actual fiber that she uses that is just too lovely for words. It seems like it's going to knit up into the most springy, squishy, comfortable socks in the world. The kind that make you want to go for long walks and when you come home NOT pull off your shoes and socks and prop up your aching feet. Instead you'll just happily toe off your shoes and prop up your happy feet to stare admiringly at your lovely socks.
Of course, I won't know how her yarn knits up into a pair of socks for quite a while it seems like. I have, what, 4 more socks to still finish? Yesterday's woefully single socks each need a mate, and J's Badcaul socks still need to be knitted. What's that Peggers? You say that I still need to knit your pair of fire-engine red knee-high socks? For your size THIRTEEN feet? Making sure to adequately size them for your SIXTEEN INCH LONG CALVES? Oh yes dear, that's right. Thanks ever so much for reminding me. [LOL. If truth be known, the knitting of the Red Knee-Highs *was* my idea.......................]

But, on to what IS finished!

No, not me, sillies. K! Perfect Birch! [ahem]That is an 'R' in there people, NOT a 'T'!

Her lovely lovely lovely Rowan Birch shawl is finished and the statue kindly agreed to model it for us. We (okay I) felt a little silly again posing a shawl on a statue.........until K told me that sometimes due to the overly-alcoholic antics of some underclassmen she sometimes as part of her work duties has to pull both bra & underpants off of the same statue that we were modestly covering with a lovely silk & mohair shawl. So then I felt far less silly.
She didn't use KidSilk Haze like I did - she instead used a slightly different type of KidSilk that had some really interesting tonal variation in the yarn. Now, it came out BEAUTIFULLY but I have to say that the changes in colour made the actual knitting that much more difficult. Which is why we should have so much more admiration for her - knitting with KSH is a total pain in the first place.....the overwhelming fuzziness......the microscopic actual thread in the middle of that halo of mohair.....and then add in colour variation that almost makes stitches look invisible???? OY.
So seriously - K? Really and truly beautiful........and something to be VERY VERY VERY proud of!!!
(and won't it just look perfect with a pair of flamenco heels?????)

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