Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Two socks walk into a bar........

.....and one sock says to the other sock, "is it just me, are we the only two single socks in this place?"

So okay, my count on single socks is now up to two. Which isn't bad, but a grand count of ZERO would still be better.

Last night's finishing went extremely well on the silky-wool sock - - did about 8-10 rounds of a very simple k2p2 ribbing (yeah, I know, but stopping after just 3-5 rounds looked too skimpy) and then I flipped the sock inside out and did the EZ sewn bind off. And yes, the bind off is now nice and stretchy. Maybe too stretchy, in my mind, as my friend C (who these are for) is a skinny tiny little thing, and I'm worried that the socks will bag horridly on her, but a little bit of slouch is probably much better than cutting off the circulation in her feet. Especially as she lives in South East Asia and is literally HOURS away from any sort of doctor - much less an actual hospital....... I have to say thank GOODNESS for Brenda Dayne and her Cast-On episodes. I listened to about 3 last night (all of the menfolk were zonked out in the next room - baby, hubby & dog all three snoozing away in unison) - 'twas only the two female cats and myself awake in the whole house! Well, the two cats and Brenda, that is.............

So what now? Ah, I'm glad you asked! I'm on 21 and a half repeats of the increase section on the clapotis. 23 as you might remember is the magic number, so I'm going to devote myself to that tonight. I might do a round or two on J's Badcaul socks, but then again it might be All Clapotis All Night. I just know know know that once I get started on the straight section and get to drop a few stitches that my love for this thing will be Pure and Complete. And that R will be lucky if she can pry it out of my greedy hands. No, just kidding, I'm actually still totally smitten with my own Silk Garden clap. What does that look like, you ask??? WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?! Have you forgotten the Beauty that is Noro already?????????

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.................there now..............isn't that better?

So, today is a short post. With barely any knitting content. But as it contained pictures of sock critters I think that should count for something, don't you? Many thanks to K for help with the critter photo. And make sure you return to read again tomorrow because............tomorrow? Tomorrow involves pictures of K's finished Birch shawl ~AND~ photos of my latest Sundara yarn. (Whaaaattt???? Don't look at me like that - it was a gift, thankyouverymuch!)


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Anonymous said...

LOL! Why not just go into the designer sock puppet business? All the pressure of matching patterns-POOF! ~ Gone.

~ toesindesand