Thursday, August 31, 2006

Don't forget to breathe...

Ohmygoodnessohmygoodnessohmygoodness(deep breath!!!!)ohmygoodnessohmygoodnessohmygoodness

(severely edited from my original comment for language as this is a PG-13 type of blog, mind you)

You will not believe who e-mailed me today. No really, you won't. And not just some generic "thanks for your comment" type of automatically generated e-mail. But a real e-mail. Talking specifically to ME.

No seriously, you won't believe who.

Brenda Dayne.

Yup, THE Brenda Dayne. She of Cast On. She of the Interweave Knits articles. (For my husband, whose eyebrows I'm guessing are currently raised in 'who the heck is that?' bewildered puzzlement I'll give you a hockey frame of reference........think Chris Chelios. Then think of him again and realize how incredibly amazing it therefore is that this woman is e-mailing ME.)

Why, you might as, is she contacting me? Ahhhhhhhhh..................well, that will just have to remain a secret for a little bit longer. Mwah-hah-hah-hah!

Today, I feel like the queen of my own little pointy stick kingdom.


toesindesand said...

Guess that would be like the old woman in the shoe emailing me?

Well, I like a little mystery and you sound (or whatever passes for sound in the blogosphere) so happy!

Anonymous said...

She need reference help????

Emily said...

ohohOH That is SO COOL. (You'll give us a heads up when we need to expect something right?)

I bet she needed an interlibrary form.

Kate A. said...

Hee hee… I felt exactly the same when I got my email from Brenda – but your picture really sums it up best!